Rich Cares is a growing radio broadcast media company that has a passion for outstanding radio and digital content. We hire and retain the absolute best talent who can deliver a unique outlook and innovative ideas, while building strong relationships in our communities. Rich Cares is a forward thinking method to bring the community together to help support local causes that we believe in. Primary Children's Hospital, Breast Cancer Awareness, and more.

Donors like you have helped Rich Cares in raising
thousands of dollars for local causes in need. Here's how you can too:

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Rich Cares We raised over $70,000 for Primary Children's Hospital last year! Help us beat that number this year by utilizing our Rich Broadcasting Cares platform. We're convinced that we can do more for our community by capitalizing on our every day purchases. See what our local supporters have done:

"We do all of our grocery shopping online. With the Rich Cares platform it feels incredibly fulfilling to see a percentage of our regular purchases translate into meaningful donations to local causes. What a win - win!"
"Rich Cares found a way to help me save money while giving back to the community. Now I can receive a $25 gift card every month! "
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"If there's one thing Shaggy loves, it's free food. With the Rich Cares platform, Shaggy can eat free and travel cheap!"

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Rich Cares makes your giving simplified and your savings magnified.

It’s powerful to combine the cause you support with the buying habits you already use. And up to 25% of your everyday purchases support Rich Cares.

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Retailers see how you vote with your dollars and your clicks. They offer you incentives to save money by shopping with them. In return, they donate a percentage of your purchases to Rich Cares.

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The support from your favorite retailers helps Rich Cares do what you need us to do.

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As a thank you for your support to Rich Cares receive a $25 restaurant.com gift card for every $15 contributed from your everyday online shopping. It's dinner on us!

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Leveraging your everyday online shopping purchases contributes an average of $87.50/YEAR to Rich Cares at no cost to you.



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